Voices Unbound: Enviro-Amplify

Risk to resilience: Connecting communities to coastal hazards through data visualization

September 4, 2020

In the face of an increasingly confusing and complicated array of environmental threats, now including COVID-19 where is the hope? In this session we get to talk to someone with a clear idea of the way forward. We are introduced to the power of data visualization and the very real changes that have been brought about in our planning in the face of environmental change: bringing healing to the Duwamish river in Seattle and re-designing Point Defiance beach park to mitigate the impacts of anticipated sea level rise. We discuss how science is now at a new frontier for making data actionable, just in time for surviving new advancing threats such as COVID-19!

Date: 7/28

Facilitator: Robin Evans-Agnew + Madison Thakera, RN Summer Volunteer Research Intern

Speakers: Heidi Roop

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